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Timesheets: Track Time

Accurately and Effortlessly


Before And After PropertyApps

Before PropertyApps

Brief management on process and available amenities for bookings

Review booking requests from the front desk, Approve request

Manually record the booking into the corresponding amenity’s calendar

Notify the front desk on approvals

The front desk notifies appropriate tenants (requires multiple touch points)

If in the event of a cancellation, contact the first resident on the waitlist

Lease Signing Timesheets
With PropertyApps

Register amenities with optional photo upload, descriptions, and custom availability capabilities

Choose to have streamlined or manual booking approvals

Monitor new booking requests via push and in-app notifications

Resident requests an amenity using the app

The resident is instantly notified of the approval

Keep track of work hours effortlessly with our intuitive timesheet management tool.

Ditch the timesheet chase! Our Timesheet Module streamlines everything. Your team tracks time on-the-go with our mobile app, eliminating manual entry and ensuring accurate data. Payroll becomes effortless with automated calculations based on predefined rates. Gain valuable insights with detailed reports by employee, project, and task. This empowers data-driven decisions and boosts overall efficiency.

Simple. Intuitive. Mobile

Key Features

Effortless Time Tracking

Your team tracks time on-the-go with our mobile app, featuring an in-app timer and instant timesheet updates.

Billable & Non-Billable Tracking

Distinguish between billable tasks (repairs) and non-billable ones (meetings) for accurate profitability insights.

Flexible Rates

Define task rates for consistent billing across your properties and employee hourly rates for clear cost tracking.

Streamlined Approvals

Ensure accuracy with a final check of employee timesheets before generating invoices.

Automated Billing

Generate recurring invoices automatically and effortlessly apply markups, discounts, or fixed pricing for owners.

Detailed Reporting & Exports

Gain valuable insights with detailed time and expense reports, exportable to PDF invoices with your branding.

Frequently asked questions

Can my team track time on the go?

Yes, our mobile app allows your team to track their time spent on various tasks and properties from any mobile device.

How does the software integrate with my existing project management tools?

Our system offers seamless integration with popular project management tools, allowing for easy task tracking and resource allocation.

Does the system generate payroll reports?

Yes, our software automates the generation of detailed and accurate payroll reports, saving you time and effort.

Can I review timesheets before generating invoices?

Yes, the system allows for streamlined approvals. You can perform a final check of employee timesheets to ensure all billable hours are accurately captured before generating invoices.

How do I ensure accurate billing for different projects and employees?

You can define task rates for consistent billing across your properties. Additionally, specifying employee hourly rates allows for accurate cost tracking.

How does the system handle recurring invoices and pricing adjustments?

The timesheet module simplifies recurring billing by automatically generating invoices at your chosen frequency. Additionally, you can effortlessly apply markups, discounts, or fixed pricing for owners based on your project needs.