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Simplify Lease Management:

Streamline Your Workflow and Save Time


Before And After PropertyApps

Before PropertyApps

Residents lack a clear emergency contact method with the landlord.

Residents might struggle to articulate emergency situations effectively.

The manager serves as an intermediary to communicate emergencies to maintenance staff.

Managers, maintenance workers, and residents need consistent communication for ongoing job details.

Lease Signing Work Orders
With PropertyApps

Tenants submit maintenance requests with accompanying photos for clarity.

Managers immediately review and address the requests.

Maintenance workers prioritize and provide real-time task updates.

Managers track work progress, expenses, and maintain comprehensive records, all on a single platform.

Automate lease signing, simplify communication and spend more time doing the things you love.

Streamline the lease signing process with our online portal. Landlords and property managers can create, send, and electronically sign lease agreements with tenants, saving time and reducing paperwork. The system also provides secure storage for all signed documents.

Simple. Intuitive. Mobile

Key Features

Electronic Lease Templates

Utilize pre-built lease templates or customize them to fit your needs, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

Automated Lease Generation

Fill in tenant information and generate personalized lease agreements instantly.

E-Signatures for Everyone

Eliminate the need for printing and scanning. All parties involved can sign the lease electronically from any device.

Secure Document Storage

Store all signed leases and related documents securely within the platform for easy access and future reference.

Audit Trail and Notifications

Track the lease signing process with automated notifications and a clear audit trail for added peace of mind.

Frequently asked questions

Can I customize the lease templates?

Absolutely! You can utilize our pre-built templates as a starting point or tailor them to your specific requirements.

How does the e-signature process work?

Our system allows all parties to electronically sign the lease agreement directly within the platform from any device. A secure and legally binding signature is ensured.

Where are my signed leases stored?

All signed leases and related documents are securely stored within the platform for easy access and future reference.

What happens if a tenant loses their copy of the lease?

Tenants can access their signed lease agreement electronically anytime through the platform.

Can I track the lease signing process?

Yes, the system provides an audit trail and automated notifications to keep you informed of the lease signing progress.

Does the tool offer automated reminders for tracking important dates and deadlines?

Our lease management system includes features to help you stay on top of important dates and deadlines associated with your leases. You can set up automated reminders for lease expirations, renewal options, and other key events, ensuring you stay organized and proactive in managing your rental properties.

Does the lease management tool allow for lease negotiations and amendments?

You can utilize the pre-built templates as a starting point for negotiation discussions and then upload the finalized agreement with any amendments onto the platform for e-signing. This ensures everyone has access to the latest version of the lease and eliminates the need for multiple versions floating around.