Property Applications for Real Estate Investors

Custom Excel Spreadsheet Templates that help Homebuyers Save Time and Money!

Personal Residence • Investment Property • Rehab Flipping • Vacation Homes

Monthly Cash Flows - Tax Benefits - Annual Return on Investment

Single-Family Homes • Rental Properties • Vacation Rentals • Investment & Rehab Properties

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Determine a Home's Profit Potential in Minutes, not Days ... Beat other Property Buyers / Investors to the Deal with a Winning Purchase Contract.

Instant Cashflow Projections and What If Investment AnalysisGet the answers you need to make Informed Property Decisions.

Discover the Power of PropertyApps formulas and functions ... Realize the financial benefits (and pitfalls) of an Investment Property before you purchase.

Tired of of complex, bloated investment programs that overwhelm you with data?

These Property Apps provide a ONE (1) Page printout that includes everything you need to make an informed real estate investment decision!

PropertyApps Facts

Simply enter a potential property's price, projected income, expenses and future value(s).
Only $9.95 or $14.95 for each Excel template: Personal Home, Investment Property, Vacation Rental or Rehab House.
Products that are suitable for first-time home buyers, weekend warriors and seasoned property investors alike.
Full instructions and documentation included with all downloads.
There are no tapes, workbooks or gimmicks ... no subsciptions, memberships or recurring fees.

Turn your Dreams into Reality: Click Here to Download PropertyApps NOW!

I have personally been using these spreadsheet templates for the past 28 years to buy and sell property for income, investment, profit and fun! These financial tools have provided me and many other real estate investors with quick, reliable answers to property solutions. Now they are available to anyone for a nominal cost via quick and easy download. There are four (4) pre-defined applications to meet your real esate buying needs, but if you want more detail or desire a customized application to match your specific objectives or goals, just ask --- we'll be happy to design one. Good luck with all your real estate, investment and financial plans and dreams!

- John A. Cook, owner of Alan Home Properties and Wilderness Lake Vacations


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