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Automate Rent payments.

On-time collection – every single time

Rent and Fee Collection

Before And After PropertyApps

Before PropertyApps

Residents might forgot to pay fees on time.

Residents can only make the payment in office hours.

The manager have to manually check who paid and whose residents fees are overdue.

Managers, have to keep track of all cash payments and cheques. Managers have to visit bank to submit cash and checques  

Lease Signing
With PropertyApps

Residents receive notification about due payments.

Residents can pay fees anytime online.

Managers can send payment link to all residents by one click.

Managers can track fee overdue, expenses, and maintain comprehensive records, all on a single platform.

Collect rent online, send instant notifications, and track overdues, seamlessly with our rent collection solution.

Our Rent and Fee Collection module simplifies rent collection and payment processing for both landlords and tenants. Tenants can conveniently submit rent payments online through various methods, while landlords can track rent status, automate late fees, and manage all their rental income in one centralized location.

Simple. Intuitive. Mobile

Key Features

More Rent, Less Effort

We support multiple payment methods and pre-authorized payments. Your tenant doesn't have to worry - whether they're paying through credit cards, direct debits, or checks. We support for all major credit or debit cards.

Automate Receipt Generation & Payment Tracking

Send a receipt to a tenant every time a payment is made. Track each payment so everything is accounted for. Plus, get automated reminders and add late fees if a tenant owes you rent or if they miss the payment deadline.

Secure Payments

All online payments that are facilitated through the platform are 100% secure. So you and your tenants can be worry-free.

Outstanding Summary

Get a report of all that's outstanding in one simple view. You know exactly how much each tenant owes you and the number of days overdue.

Save Time On Rent Collection

With our automated rent collection solution, landlords and owners have reduced their time spent on rent collection by 27%. That's more time for doing the things you love.

Experience the gold standard in Rent Collection. At a fraction of the cost.

We do all the hard work so you can save time, effort, and money. Get in touch with us today so we can answer all of your questions related to rent collection and management.

Frequently asked questions

What payment methods do tenants have available?

Our system offers tenants the flexibility to pay rent electronically via ACH bank transfers, credit cards, or debit cards.

How do late fees work?

You can set up automated reminders for upcoming rent payments and configure the system to automatically apply late fees according to the terms outlined in your lease agreements.

Can I see a breakdown of my rental income?

Yes, the system provides a real-time overview of rent payments received, outstanding balances, and late fees for all your properties. Additionally, you can access detailed transaction histories for all your rental income.

Is the system secure for online payments?

We take security very seriously. Our system utilizes industry-standard security protocols to ensure all financial transactions are safe and secure.

What happens if a tenant encounters a payment issue?

Our system provides tenants with clear instructions and contact information in case they encounter any difficulties while submitting their rent payments online.

Can I integrate the system with my accounting software?

Yes, in many cases our Rent & Fee Collection module integrates seamlessly with popular accounting software programs, allowing you to streamline your financial management processes. Please check with our support team for compatibility details.