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Modernize Your Notice Management:

Efficient, Automated, and Reliable


Before And After PropertyApps

Before PropertyApps

Residents lack a clear emergency contact method with the landlord.

Residents might struggle to articulate emergency situations effectively.

The manager serves as an intermediary to communicate emergencies to maintenance staff.

Managers, maintenance workers, and residents need consistent communication for ongoing job details.

With PropertyApps

Tenants submit maintenance requests with accompanying photos for clarity.

Managers immediately review and address the requests.

Maintenance workers prioritize and provide real-time task updates.

Managers track work progress, expenses, and maintain comprehensive records, all on a single platform.

Keep communication clear and efficient with our notice management tools.

PropertyApps helps you stay compliant and keep tenants informed with customizable notice templates and automated delivery. Send notices and alerts quickly, with read receipts ensuring your messages are received. Schedule notices in advance and deliver them via multiple channels to reach everyone effectively.

Simple. Intuitive. Mobile

Key Features

Customizable Notice Templates

Create and save notice templates for various situations, such as rent reminders or policy changes. This standardization saves time and ensures consistency.

Automated Delivery

Schedule notices to be sent automatically, ensuring timely communication without manual intervention. This feature helps in maintaining regular and reliable communication.

Read Receipts

Track whether tenants have read the notices sent to them. This ensures that important information has been received and can prompt follow-ups if necessary.

Compliance with Legal Requirements:

Ensure that all notices comply with local, state, and federal legal requirements. This helps in avoiding legal issues and maintaining good tenant relations.

Scheduling Options

Plan and schedule notices to be sent at specific times or dates. This feature helps in organizing communication efforts and ensuring timely delivery.

Multi-Channel Delivery

Send notices via multiple channels, including email, in-app notifications, and SMS. This ensures that all tenants receive the information, regardless of their preferred communication method.

Frequently asked questions

How do I create a notice template?

You can create notice templates by selecting the type of notice, customizing the content, and saving it for future use.

Can I automate the delivery of notices?

Yes, you can schedule notices to be sent automatically at specified times or intervals, ensuring timely communication.

How do I know if a tenant has read a notice?

Read receipts are available, allowing you to see if and when a tenant has opened and read the notice.

What are the legal requirements for notices?

Legal requirements for notices vary by location, but our system ensures compliance with local, state, and federal regulations by providing templates and guidelines.

Can I schedule notices to be sent later?

Yes, you can schedule notices to be sent at a later date or time, making it easy to plan ahead and ensure timely delivery.

How are notices delivered to tenants?

Notices can be delivered via email, in-app notifications, and SMS, ensuring tenants receive important information through multiple channels.