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Real-Time Access to Your

Files Any Time, Anywhere


Before And After PropertyApps

Before PropertyApps

Create or download files as needed

Save on your computer (no access if not at a computer)

Add files to the Drive or storage system for backup

Compose an email with files attached

Document Vault
With PropertyApps

Add file to document storage

Update sharing and privacy permissions

Automatically store files and folders by unit and property.

Search based on document type and group by years or month

Upload, Manage, and Share Your Important Documents Effortlessly. Boost Internal Communication Efficiency.

The Document Vault provides a secure and centralized location to store all your rental property documents. Landlords and property managers can upload, categorize, and access lease agreements, maintenance requests, photos, and other essential files, simplifying record-keeping and providing easy access for all authorized users.

Simple. Intuitive. Mobile

Key Features

Store & Maintain Important Documents

Organize efficiently and free up space by storing documents digitally. Say farewell to messy piles and enjoy a tidy, digital document system.

Simplify Document Search

Store lease agreements, resident information like phone numbers, email IDs, and any other tenant documents effortlessly. Easily search for any document by property, resident name, phone number, or email address from within the app.

Better Organization

We understand that each property can be different. That's why you're able to create unlimited custom folders based on your needs like lease agreements, inspection records, financial records. and more.

More Secure, Easy Sharing

Secure your folders and records by setting permissions for Adminstrators, employees, residents, or anyone. Our cloud based system ensures the information you store and share with anyone is 100% secure and accessible from anywhere - whether you're on your mobile, laptop, or another device.

Frequently asked questions

What types of documents can I store?

The Document Vault allows you to store any type of document relevant to your rental properties, including lease agreements, maintenance requests, photos, videos, and more.

How secure is my data?

We take data security very seriously. Your documents are stored in a secure cloud environment with industry-standard security measures in place.

Can I control who has access to my documents?

Yes, the system allows you to set up user permissions and restrict access to sensitive documents, ensuring only authorized users can view specific files.

How do I find the documents I need?

Our powerful search feature allows you to easily find the documents you need by filtering by keywords, property details, or document type.

Can I track changes made to documents?

Yes, the Document Vault includes version control functionality which allows you to see the history of changes made to any document.

Cloud-Based Repository

Access your files from anywhere with our secure cloud storage.

Easy Document Retrieval

Quickly find and use documents for routine tasks or emergencies.

Integrated Associations

Seamlessly connect documents across various modules for better organization.

Comprehensive Storage

Store any type of document, including tenant leases and employee contracts.

Efficient File Sharing

Share files of any size without experiencing slowdown.

Secure Storage

Ensure your documents are safely stored and protected.