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Manage multiple condos. Minus the complexity

Streamline your operations, enhance resident satisfaction, and boost your bottom line.

Condo Property Management

Manage your portfolio from anywhere. Save more time

Managing condo associations involves unique challenges that require efficient and reliable solutions. Our platform is tailored to assist landlords, property owners, and managers in overseeing condo units effortlessly.

Efficient Lease Management

Seamlessly manage multiple-tenant and short-term leases. Keep track of lease agreements, renewals, and expirations with automated notifications and a user-friendly dashboard.

Automated Payment Systems

Customizable Fee Structures

Easily implement automatic rent increases, one-time charges, or recurring fees. Tailor payment plans to fit the specific needs of your condo association.

Comprehensive Maintenance Management

Mobile Access

Manage your properties on the go with our mobile app, available on any device. Access lease information, financial reports, and maintenance requests anytime, anywhere.

Enhanced Communication Tools

Secure Document Storage

Store and manage all important documents, including leases, maintenance records, and financial reports, securely in the cloud. Enjoy easy access to your documents from any device.

Supported property types

Individual Condo Units

Manage all aspects of condo living with solutions tailored for multiple-tenant and short-term leases.

Condo Complexes

Efficiently oversee large condo communities, ensuring all residents’ needs are met effectively.

Diverse Condo Properties

Our software is versatile enough to accommodate the unique requirements of any type of condo property.