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One tool. multiple benefits

Work Orders

Document Vault

Imagine a world where your documents are not only safe but also at your fingertips whenever you need them. With Document Vault, you can effortlessly upload, organize, and share important files, boosting your team’s collaboration and communication.


Communicate seamlessly with tenants, ensuring timely updates and efficient resolution of issues. This integrated solution streamlines conversations, reducing the need for external communication tools and enhancing overall property management efficiency.

Reports & Analytics

Enjoy quick and easy access to a report adorned with detailed charts that outline all aspects of occupancy and vacancy information. This includes insightful projections on upcoming vacancies or ending leases, so you can plan ahead with confidence.

Lease Signing

Get your lease signed in just a few clicks. Automate lease signing, simplify communication and spend more time doing the things you love.

Rent and Fee Collection

Automate rent collection and save your time. Collect rent online, send instant notifications, and track overdues, seamlessly with our rent collection solution.

Amenity Reservations

Effortlessly book and manage property amenities, ensuring convenient access and availability for all tenants. Streamlines the reservation process, enhancing tenant satisfaction and property management efficiency.

Move-in Move out

Streamline scheduling and management of move-in and move-out processes, ensuring a smooth transition for tenants. Simplify logistics and reduce the administrative burden on property managers.

Tenant Screening

Conduct thorough tenant background checks to ensure reliable and qualified occupants for your properties. Make informed decisions and maintain a high standard of tenancy.


Track and manage employee work hours efficiently, ensuring accurate payroll and accountability. Simplify timekeeping and enhance productivity by providing a clear overview of staff hours and tasks.


Instantly send and receive important notices and updates, keeping everyone informed and compliant with property regulations. Ensure the communication is timely and also communication help maintain smooth property operations.

Tenant & Employee Communication

PropertyApps simplifies interactions between landlords, tenants, and employees. With in-app messaging, announcements, and alerts, you can keep everyone informed.