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Stay Connected: Seamless Messaging

for Landlords and Managers


Before And After PropertyApps

Before PropertyApps

Fragmented, decentralized messaging through email, text, social media, etc.

Find the contact information of all intended tenants/managers

Attach files to email or text

Aggregate information between various platforms

Move In/Move Out
With PropertyApps

Select contact or contacts

Compose a message with file attachment options.

Track with read receipts

Streamline messaging through single source

Connect with tenants and team members seamlessly with our built-in messaging feature.

Struggling to keep everyone on the same page in your properties? Our messaging app cuts through the noise with:
1. Guaranteed delivery & read receipts: No more wondering if your message got lost. See exactly who saw it.
2. Streamlined communication: Blast messages to groups or individuals, and forget endless phone calls and emails.
3. Happy tenants, happy life: Increase tenant satisfaction by 60% with a system they love (9 out of 10 prefer it!).
Boost communication and connectivity by 45%. Stop managing messages, start managing properties.

Simple. Intuitive. Mobile

Key Features

Instant Reach

Skip the phone tag and endless emails. Reach any tenant or team member directly in the app with just two clicks.

Know When It's Seen

Transparency is key. Read receipts show you exactly who saw your message and when, eliminating the guesswork of follow-up.

Rich Communication

Ditch the lengthy email chains. Share photos, documents, and property images directly in conversations for clear and concise communication.

Never Miss a Beat

Ensure timely responses with both push notifications and emails. Recipients are alerted immediately and can respond quickly.

Effortless Group Messaging

Streamline communication for large groups. Send announcements, updates, or reminders to everyone at once with a single tap.

Complete Message History

Stay organized and resolve issues efficiently. Access a clear record of all communication with tenants and team members for easy reference.

Frequently asked questions

How does the messaging feature work?

Our messaging feature integrates directly into our property management software, allowing you to send and receive messages from within the platform, keeping all communications organized and easily accessible.

Can I send messages to multiple tenants at once?

Yes, our group messaging feature allows you to send messages to multiple tenants or team members simultaneously, making it easy to distribute important information quickly.

Are my messages secure?

Absolutely. All messages sent through our platform are encrypted to ensure privacy and security, protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Can I use templates for common messages?

Yes, you can create and use message templates for common scenarios, such as rent reminders or maintenance notifications, to save time and maintain consistency in your communications.

Will I receive notifications for new messages?

Yes, you can set up automated notifications for new messages, ensuring you are always aware of incoming communications and can respond promptly.

Is there a way to track message history?

Our platform keeps a detailed record of all message histories, allowing you to review past communications with tenants and team members whenever needed.