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Simplify Work Order Management: Streamline

Your Maintenance Workflow and Save Time


Before And After PropertyApps

Before PropertyApps

Residents lack a clear emergency contact method with the landlord.

Residents might struggle to articulate emergency situations effectively.

The manager serves as an intermediary to communicate emergencies to maintenance staff.

Managers, maintenance workers, and residents need consistent communication for ongoing job details

Lease Signing Work Orders
With PropertyApps

Tenants submit maintenance requests with accompanying photos for clarity.

Managers immediately review and address the requests.

Maintenance workers prioritize and provide real-time task updates.

Managers track work progress, expenses, and maintain comprehensive records, all on a single platform.

Automate work order submissions, simplify tracking, and focus on efficient resolutions.

Work Orders tool allows tenants to submit maintenance requests online, with real-time status updates keeping everyone informed. Prioritize tasks, assign them to the right personnel, and track their progress. Photo and document uploads provide detailed information, while maintenance history logs ensure all records are kept for future reference.

Simple. Intuitive. Mobile

Key Features

Work Order Submission

Tenants can submit maintenance requests within the app with detailed descriptions and supporting photos or documents. This streamlines the process and ensures accurate information is provided.

Real-Time Status Updates

Track the progress of work orders in real-time, from submission to completion. This transparency keeps tenants informed and reduces follow-up inquiries.

Priority Setting

Assign priority levels to maintenance requests to ensure urgent issues are addressed first. This helps in managing resources efficiently and keeping tenants satisfied.

Assignment and Tracking

Assign work orders to specific maintenance personnel and track their progress. This ensures accountability and effective workload management.

Photo and Document Uploads

Tenants and staff can upload photos and documents related to maintenance requests. This feature provides clarity and helps in diagnosing and fixing issues accurately.

Maintenance History Logs

Maintain a comprehensive log of all past maintenance requests and their outcomes. This historical data helps in planning future maintenance and identifying recurring issues.

Frequently asked questions

How do tenants submit work orders?

Tenants can submit work orders through the app by describing the issue, selecting the type of service needed, and providing any relevant photos or documents.

Can I prioritize maintenance requests?

Yes, you can prioritize maintenance requests based on urgency, ensuring that critical issues are addressed promptly.

How do I assign work orders to staff?

Work orders can be assigned to specific staff members or maintenance teams directly through the app, with notifications sent to the assigned personnel.

Can tenants track the status of their requests?

Tenants can track the status of their maintenance requests in real-time, from submission to completion, through the app.

What types of files can be uploaded?

Tenants and staff can upload photos, documents, and videos to provide detailed information about maintenance issues.

Is there a log of past work orders?

Yes, all past work orders are logged and stored, providing a comprehensive maintenance history for each property.

How are urgent requests handled?

Urgent requests can be flagged and prioritized automatically, ensuring they are addressed as quickly as possible by the appropriate personnel.