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The All-in-One Communication

Platform for Property Managers


Before and after PropertyApps

Before PropertyApps

Manual data entry is required as rent is collected.

Property Managers must create charts and analytics from data in separate programs

Up to 200 hours of data entry

Lease Signing Tenant Communication
With PropertyApps

Real-time reconciliation and reporting, and data collection

Instant overview of rent due and occupancy information

Reduce time spent on data collection by over 125 hours

Enhance interactions and streamline communication for better management.

PropertyApps simplifies interactions between landlords, tenants, and employees. With in-app messaging, announcements, and alerts, you can keep everyone informed. Automated reminders and communication logs ensure no message is missed. Group messaging and mobile notifications make staying connected easier than ever.

Simple. Intuitive. Mobile

Key Features

In-App Messaging

Communicate directly with tenants and employees through the app. This feature ensures fast, efficient, and documented exchanges.

Announcements and Alerts

Send important announcements and alerts to all or specific tenants and employees. This ensures timely dissemination of crucial information.

Automated Reminders

Set up automated reminders for rent payments, maintenance schedules, and other important dates. This helps ensure compliance and reduces the need for manual follow-ups.

Communication Logs

Maintain a log of all communications for reference and accountability. This feature provides a clear record of interactions and helps resolve disputes.

Group Messaging

Send messages to groups of tenants or employees to streamline communication for events, updates, or emergencies. Group messaging enhances coordination and community engagement.

Mobile Notifications

Receive instant notifications on your mobile device for new messages, reminders, and alerts. This ensures you stay informed and can respond promptly.

Frequently asked questions

How does the in-app messaging work?

In-app messaging allows direct communication between tenants and property management. You can send and receive messages within the app, ensuring quick and efficient communication.

Can I send group messages?

Yes, you can send group messages to all tenants, specific groups, or employees to ensure everyone receives important information simultaneously.

How are announcements delivered?

Announcements can be delivered via the app, email, and push notifications, ensuring all tenants receive important updates promptly.

What kind of reminders can I set up?

You can set up automated reminders for rent payments, maintenance schedules, lease renewals, and upcoming community events.

Is there a record of all communications?

Yes, all communications are logged and stored, providing a complete record of all interactions between tenants and management.

Can tenants reply to messages?

Tenants can reply to messages directly through the app, facilitating two-way communication for addressing concerns and queries.

How do mobile notifications work?

Mobile notifications alert tenants and employees to new messages, announcements, or reminders instantly, ensuring they stay informed even when they are not actively using the app.