How To Write Attention-Grabbing Classified Ads that Attract Tenants Every Time

How To Write Attention-Grabbing Classified Ads that Attract Tenants Every Time

Rent season activates many of a property manager’s recurring challenges. One of the hardest obstacles when it comes to populating vacant units for any landlord is attracting new prospects to visit their property. Luckily, classified ads sites such as Craigslist, Kijiji, and Padmapper offer a cheap (and sometimes even free), straightforward platform for advertising vacancies. With countless locations across Canada and the U.S., these ad sites have become a primary destination for both landlords marketing vacancies, and prospective tenants searching for new realty – whether renters or buyers.


Unfortunately, the spike in users on these classified ads sites have created a competitive marketplace for landlords using them as their primary marketing channel; with many ads flooding users’ search results. Luckily, there are a few foolproof methods to ensure your ads stand out from the crowd. From formatting to content, we have outlined the top 7 ways to create attention grabbing ads, guaranteed to attract tenants every time.


Use Multimedia

Did you know, posts with photos produce 65% higher engagement than text only posts? Needless to say, adding images, video, and multimedia to classified ads is an automatic attention-grabber. Prospective tenants will not only be inclined to engage with your ad, but adding photos manages expectations, ultimately saving yourself and your prospective tenants time.


Write a Strong Descriptive Headline

Having a strong descriptive headline is an integral component to attracting prospective tenants to your ad. The headline will serve as both the initial interaction tenants have with any classified ads, but also shapes their first impression. Research shows that people surfing on the web shape a first impression in a mere 50 milliseconds – meaning that the tagline will ultimately dictate whether or not potential candidates will engage with your ad at all.  


Keep ads performing

Like any marketing campaign, an indispensable element to ensuring your ads perform well is monitoring engagement and experimenting with ad content and targeted segmentation. Landlords can attract attention by producing multiple ads that aim to appeal to different audiences, with different headlines, content, and photos. After a few days, marketers/landlords will have priceless analytics to consider when choosing the most performing ad, resulting in optimal ad performances and leads.


Include Contact Details

Yet another fundamental factor that will attract tenants and ultimately ensure they follow through with their initial interest of the property is ensuring contact details are readily available. Although this is not a method to directly attract tenants, having contact details readily available will encourage prospects to get in contact instantly. Often if contact information is hidden or unavailable, tenants will be reluctant to search further, leaving their business elsewhere.


Include Rental Terms

Another sure way to ensure you attract tenants is to provide all required information upfront. Providing information directly within your ad is sure to save both parties’ time. Including rental terms answers candidates inevitable questions upfront, ultimately increasing transparency and decreasing overall communication and correspondence between stakeholders.


Format, Format, Format

In the interest of readability, use the formatting tools provided by classified sites.  By capitalizing on formatting capabilities, your ad can be lengthy whilst remaining organized. This allows prospective candidates to quickly scan through the ad and locate the information they are seeking, rather than simply abandoning a wordy ad.


Use Details and Adjectives

Without a space or character limit, the content section of classified ads allow marketers to paint a comprehensive picture that will undoubtedly attract prospective tenants. Take advantage of the extensive space by adding details and using quality adjectives. The imagery will have prospective tenants yearning to view your properties.


Bonus tips:

  • Don’t spam – by posting the same ad multiple times, you risk having your ad removed by the site itself.
  • Stay organized – tenants can only go so far as to getting in contact with you, it’s up to landlords to organize and correspond with prospects


Contact Us

Through the integration of these 7 steps within each classified ad post, you will surely increase the engagement your ads receive. This strategy will not only result in the desired traction but will help you fill each one of your properties to capacity. Want to learn how to effectively manage your new tenants? We can help.  Contact us to learn more.


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