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Simplify your

Work Orders

Simple. Intuitive. Mobile

Work order management made easier than ever before.


Save time when residents submit through the app instead of calling in

Prioritization Algorigthm

The app automatically prioritizes the more important ones so that high priorities get done before low priorities


You and all workers are instantly notified by Push Notifications and Emails when one is created, updated, reassigned, or completed

Update Tracking

You will never need to ask someone the status of a Service Request again

Categorization & Photos

With each categorized and including photos, you are your workers will instantly know the problem and figure out how to solve it

Digital Property Log

Look up the history of work done for any criteria, whether by unit, floor, category, date, priority, status, or cost

Before and after PropertyApps

Before PropertyApps

Residents lack a clear emergency contact method with the landlord.

Residents might struggle to articulate emergency situations effectively.

The manager serves as an intermediary to communicate emergencies to maintenance staff.

Managers, maintenance workers, and residents need consistent communication for ongoing job details.

With PropertyApps

Tenants submit maintenance requests with accompanying photos for clarity.

Managers immediately review and address the requests.

Maintenance workers prioritize and provide real-time task updates.

Managers track work progress, expenses, and maintain comprehensive records, all on a single platform.


Work order management made easier than ever before.

The Service Request Tool we have designed for our building and tenant management software is designed to facilitate the service requests process without the complexity associated with coordination. Our app automatically records jobs, tracks dynamically and generates requests on demand. Our system is centralized and consolidated, facilitating simplification through automation while logging every detail, document, and touchpoint.