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Reliable Tenants

Simple. Intuitive. Mobile

Allows landlords to collect tenant data, and automatically process and collect outcomes in a single process while concurrently communicating results with the tenants.

Digitized Tenant Application

No need to fill manual paperwork

Real time updates

See whether they've seen your application or filled it

Get Equifax and ID verifications

No need to submit or contact credit bureau or other agencies for credti reports, ID verifications

Before and after PropertyApps

Before PropertyApps

The property manager scans or prints paper-based applications for the tenant to fill out.

Property managers contact credit bureaus or other verified institutes to get more information 

Contact tenant’s references and/or employer 

Followup with tenants about the application manually by email or phone

With PropertyApps

Send your prospective tenant a digital screening application through app.

Tenant get application by email or SMS. Easy to fill and submit the application without printing and filling it manually.

Get notified when the application has been processed and results are ready.



Seamless update process on status

1 click sends prospects a Equifax-approved tenant screening application
Real-time notifications when applications are submitted and when results are ready (within hours of initially filed report)
Instant access to archived reports, for reference