Property Apps has designed a Tenant Screening module that seamlessly allows landlords to collect tenant data, automatically process and collect outcome in a single process while concurrently communicating results with the tenants.

As important as it is to ensure low vacancy, it is equally important to accept tenants that are the best fit for your property. For example, you want tenants that are creditworthy, have a low probability of defaulting and has other qualities indicating overall stability and reliability. The Property Apps screening functionality is integrated directly with TransUnion and supplements the application process with a detailed evaluation.


Our research shows…

Our research shows, that Landlords that implemented a Tenant Screening module reported attracting higher quality tenants and reducing payment issues by 15-20% on average due to the advanced screening experience. Tenants reported that the process gave them a greater level of confidence in the landlord as they appeared to be professional, efficient and modernized which impacted their leasing decision.



  • 1 click sends prospects a Transunion-approved tenant screening application
  • Real-time notifications when applications are submitted and when results are ready (within hours of initially filed report)
  • Instant access to archived reports, for reference


How It Works…

Tenant Experience Without Property Apps Tenant Screening Application

  • Fill a rental application
  • Download credit check application
  • Fill and submit credit check application
  • Order a background check
  • Forward results to prospective Landlords
  • Wait to hear from prospective landlord

Tenant Experience With Property Apps Tenant Screening Application

  • Fill a rental application
  • Receive Transunion-approved screening application
  • Fill and submit application
  • Wait for news from your prospective landlord

Landlord Experience Without Property Apps Tenant Screening Application

  • Have tenants fill out a rental application
  • Run a credit check
  • Run a background check
  • Contact tenant’s references and/or employer

Landlord Experience With Property Apps Tenant Screening Application

  • Send your prospective tenant a screening application
  • Get notified when the application has been processed and results are ready

Every module on Property Apps was meticulously designed for the purpose of time and cost savings as well as improvement in tenant and landlord experience. All modules can be implemented as stand alone utilities over web and native app platforms OR integrated into your existing architecture.

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