There’s a better way to stay connected with your staff and your tenants.


Communicating with tenants can be difficult. Many individuals favour different modes of messaging: text, email, phone calls, etc. … keeping track of them all can be overwhelming and inefficient. Furthermore, making yourself available to tenants when they need assistance shouldn’t mean having your personal phone or email inundated with work-related issues.


This is why a platform that allows tenants to message the landlord and each other and is specifically devoted to building-related conversations can make communicating both more effective and less stressful.

Our centralized messaging platform is designed to increase connectivity and communication between landlords, tenants, and managers, while keeping all parties’ personal contact information private. The messaging module in our building management software streamlines communication, increases tenant satisfaction, reduces the time spent aggregating and responding to messages, and simplifies monitoring/recording keeping.









It’s easy enough to send a message, but communicating effectively is a whole other issue. When you try to get in touch with a tenant and they don’t reply, it can be difficult to know how to follow up. Should you have contacted them using a different platform? Did they see the message? Is your message simply being ignored?

Our messaging application makes it easy to communicate with individuals or groups, and tracks messages with read receipts to ensure successful delivery.   Follow up becomes much less stressful and far more convenient. Our platform also comes with:

  • Flexible messaging options
  • Integration with your existing devices
  • Privacy and encryption
  • Obfuscation of personal information
  • Custom, property specific white labeling

Our research shows…

When managers used our messaging system, they unanimously agreed it has increased communication and connectivity in their building by 45%. The system has also increased tenant satisfaction by 60%, with 9/10 tenants stating they like this system better than the prior.  These could be your results!


Here Are The Highlights:

Diverse Messaging Options
  • Managers can message staff and tenants
  • Settings can allow tenants to message other tenants or managers
  • Create conversations with multiple people
  • Send files in messages
  • In-app messaging
  • Neither party will share their phone number
  • Send messages in-app as opposed to having them in your phonebook
  • No phone tag
Conversation Tracking
  • Read receipts delivered when a message was seen
  • See a list of all conversations
  • Badges for unseen messages


How It Works…

    1. 1-hour guided on boarding
    2. Once in use, effective messaging platform allows managers to …
      1. Message tenants
      2. Message other managers and staff
      3. Enable tenant to manager or tenant to tenant messages
      4. Create group conversations
      5. Attach files or photos


    3. Use our tested communication system to send in-app messages
      1. Keep work and personal life separated
        1. Keeping tenants’ numbers out of your phone book
        2. Your personal phone number remains anonymous


  1. Track when your messages were seen with our automatic read receipts
    1. View all conversations
    2. Unread badges mark messages you haven’t seen yet, to ensure you never miss a message
Without Property Apps Tenant Messaging
  • Fragmented, decentralized messaging through email, text, social media, etc.
  • Find contact information of all intended tenants/managers
  • Attach files to email or text
  • Aggregate information between various platforms
With Property Apps Tenant Messaging
  • Select contact or contacts
  • Compose message with file attachment options.
  • Track with read receipts
  • Streamline messaging through single source

The unified messaging tool in our property management software doesn’t just allow you to send messages, it allows you to communicate effectively. Having worked with hundreds of successful building operators, we know:

  • Tenants value responsiveness.  With a streamlining tool, everything comes to one place where it can be managed, assigned and deployed.
  • Tenants demonstrate greater responsibility and accountability when they are operating within the confines of an easy-to-audit system.
  • Tenant-landlord conflict is mitigated with transparency and the removal of ambiguity, yielding mutual management of expectations.


We’d love to help you set up the Tenant Messaging system on our residential and commercial building management software. Click below to get in touch.
You’ll wonder how you’ve been running your business without Property Apps messaging.