Service requests are a key part of tenant management and landlords cannot afford to neglect them. When coordinating service requests between your tenants, staff, maintenance workers, and contractors, it can be easy for small yet impactful miscommunications to occur.

There’s a way to ensure clear communication and stay organized while saving time.  Service requests typically require multiple touch points throughout the fulfillment process.  For example:

  1. Tenant contacts the landlord.
  2. Landlord contacts personnel.
  3. Personnel provide landlord with timeline.
  4. Landlord reports timeline to tenant.
  5. Landlord provides updates to tenant.
  6. Landlord overseas completion, reminding both personnel and tenant of dates, times, etc.
  7. Landlord monitors costs.
  8. Personnel coordinates with colleagues and suppliers (where necessary)  Reports nuances to landlord.
  9. Landlord communicates with tenant accordingly.  Provides approvals.
  10. Request is fulfilled.

The above referenced is a “best case” scenario where there aren’t delays,  post service corrections, etc.  Imagine having to do this manually, through mixed-mode messaging and various systems that are likely outdated and do not speak to each other.

The Service Request Tool we have designed for our building and tenant management software is designed to facilitate the service requests process without the complexity associated with coordination. Our app automatically records jobs, tracks dynamically and generates requests on demand.  Our system is centralized and consolidated, facilitating simplification through automation while logging every detail, document, and touchpoint.

The result? Satisfied tenants, reduction of human error and administrative burden.









No building manager or landlord is ever truly off duty: from a water leak to a power outage, landlords (and their staff) are the first points of contact for tenants.   


When a quick and efficient response time is needed, digital service requests will allow you to deal with the issue quickly, and exponentially reduce the stress and time.  Through automation every tenant gets “white glove” treatment.


Property APPS provides rapid request creation, real time job tracking, reporting and open job reminders. The option of integration is ALWAYS available and can help you introduce efficiencies with no disruption.  Of note:


Here Are The Highlights:

Online Service Request Creation
  • Tenants can submit requests with photographs
  • Requests are  automatically categorized, prioritized, and assigned
Automated Recordkeeping
  • Requests can be filtered  by:
    • Building
    • Category
    • Unit
    • Floor
    • Priority
  • Maintenance workers can log updates about:
    • Repairs
    • Materials
    • Receipts
Simplified Service Request Management
  • Maintenance workers can easily view, sort, and prioritize tasks
  • All tenants know to use this streamlined platform, meaning less confusion when submitting requests
  • Landlords can easily monitor service requests and view repair and maintenance records


How It Works…

  1. Onboard in less than an hour.
  2. Create and receive service requests instantly.
    1. Add descriptions and photos
    2. Tap-to-contact the request creator via push or email notifications from any device.
  3. Property Apps’ Service Request system’s organizational structure permits managers to keep an accessible digital log of all jobs open and performed
    1. This includes related  notes, receipts, quotes, purchase orders, before and after photos, and materials, money, and time spent, for each job.
  4. Optional push or email notifications can remind landlords of jobs in progress
  5. The system allows jobs to be sorted by cost or priority, allowing for easy tracking and a comprehensive overview of all current jobs.
Without Property Apps Service Request Tool
  • Tenants are unsure how to contact landlord when an emergency occurs
  • Tenants may have difficulty describing the situation to landlord
  • Landlord needs to contact and relay the situation to maintenance staff
  • Landlord, maintenance workers, and tenant must follow up with each other regarding important details as the job progresses.
With Property Apps Service Request Tool
  • Tenants can quickly log a request and include photos for clarity.
  • Landlord can see the request immediately
  • Maintenance workers can quickly sort through jobs and perform triage to address the situations in an effective order
  • Maintenance worker can provide updates on the situation
  • Landlord can easily monitor the work being done, costs, and materials
  • Landlord can maintain a complete record of the situation from start to finish on one platform

Our service request system centralizes and streamlines service requests.

It provides the tenant with a simple way to log requests, provides landlords with the tools to address and oversee the situation, and makes it easy for maintenance workers to update all parties involved as the job progresses.


Interested in streamlining your business and tenant management system while saving time and money? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to talk to you about how we can onboard your building quickly, efficiently and without disturbing any of you existing processes or systems.  


Contact us below with questions or to discuss next steps.