Keep your schedule under one platform.

Calendar Apps are useful in theory, but when you are coordinating personal, business and staff schedules across multiple platforms, it is easy for things to slip through the cracks. In these situations, at best, you won’t be making use of your time effectively. At worst, you may miss an important meeting or forget to notify colleagues or staff of an event cancellation.

Our dynamic scheduling calendar tool is designed to keep your tasks, priorities and obligations organized and accessible within one platform. Our calendar offers event creation options that make it easy to schedule upcoming lease start/end dates, appointments, coordinated staff schedules, tasks, and more. It also comes with the option to assign certain events to specific individuals or groups. Our Apps’ functions are further rounded out by a color-coded overview and powerful privacy settings.









In addition to the usual challenges of maintaining a busy schedule, a landlord or building manager’s responsibilities encompass a wide range of other time management tasks. Planning is needed for leases, building maintenance, staff scheduling, events and business appointments. Ineffective or inconsistent scheduling can create a sense of disorganization throughout a property or organization.

We have developed a calendar module which provides flexible scheduling, assignments as well as a comprehensive overview of personal as well as team schedules.

Not only does our calendar and scheduling app provide a dashboard of upcoming events that can range from a birthday party to the end of a tenant’s lease, but also offers the capabilities for tasks management, receivable tracking and payment history. Privacy settings make it easy to control who has access to view and create events and reminders for tenants or staff members. This helps both your tenants and staff remain more organized as well as more connected.


Here Are The Highlights:

Lease Starts/Ends, Appointments, Events
  • Dashboard quick view of next 10 upcoming events
  • Create One-Time and Recurring Events
  • Upload photos to events
  • View pre-populated lease start dates  
  • View pre-populated lease end dates
  • Create Move-out Inspections
  • Create Appointments
  • View Birthdays
  • Easily delete or cancel events
Coordinated Staff Schedules
  • Smart scheduling and assignments
  • Detailed overview by individuals or organizationally
  • Daily, and monthly granular and high level views
Powerful Privacy Settings
  • Assign events to individuals that only they can see
  • Allow only managers to add/create events
  • Control what you see on your own calendar
  • Control which users can see certain events


How It Works…

    1. Create Your Entire Schedule On One Platform
      1. Instantly view upcoming important events such as lease start/end dates, appointments, events, and inspections
      2. Create one-time or recurring events
        1. Attach photos or comments to the event
      3. Delete and cancel events if needed
        1. Attendees will be immediately notified and the event will show up as canceled on all calendars
      4. Enjoy a simplified calendar with colour coding to differentiate between event types for a view of your schedule at-a-glance


    1. Easily Organize Events
      1. Assign events to individuals or groups in your building
      2. Add attendees to to existing events
      3. Events will automatically sync to your calendar


  1. Customize Privacy Settings
    1. Control who can view the event; admins, non-admins, tenants, and staff.
    2. You may optionally set attendees as the only people who can view this event.
Without Property Apps Scheduling Calendar
  • Manual data entry as events are scheduled
  • Send out emails or texts to each invited guest/tenant/staff
  • Follow up with all invited individuals
  • Record attendees
  • Set in your calendar
With Property Apps Scheduling Calendar
  • Select invited individuals
  • Write event description
  • Choose privacy settings
  • Automatically imported to your calendar and generated from building information (lease start/end, etc.)
  • Save hundreds of hours per year in scheduling.

We believe that a comprehensive calendar system is a foundation to a well-organized building. It allows for clear and reliable communication of events and tasks between tenant and landlord as well as between employers and staff members. It can help reduce miscommunication, scheduling problems, and prevent small events from slipping through the cracks.   While Property Apps’ Calendar system is a benefit to the entire business, its capacity for scheduling many different types of personal and professional events also makes it ideal for a busy landlord or employer seeking to boost their reliability and productivity.


We’d love to talk to you about what our scheduling app can do for you and how we can onboard you and your staff with a custom-branded, white labelled solution quickly and efficiently.  Give us a call or send us an email by clicking below.


You’ll wonder how you’ve been doing business without Property Apps.