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 Contact Your

Resident Instantly

Simple. Intuitive. Mobile

There’s a better way to stay connected with your staff and your residents.

Message Anyone

In 2 clicks, send a message to anyone through the app

Track Time Seen

See whether they've seen your messages, and when

Send Photos & Attachement

Upload photos and attachments into conversations

Push And Email notifications

Sending messages will trigger emails and push notifications to the recipient(s)

Before and after PropertyApps

Before PropertyApps

Fragmented, decentralized messaging through email, text, social media, etc.

Find the contact information of all intended tenants/managers

Attach files to email or text

Aggregate information between various platforms

With PropertyApps

Select contact or contacts

Compose a message with file attachment options.

Track with read receipts

Streamline messaging through single source


Flexible messaging options

Our messaging application makes it easy to communicate with individuals or groups, and tracks messages with read receipts to ensure successful delivery. Follow up becomes much less stressful and far more convenient. Our platform also comes with:

When managers used our messaging system, they unanimously agreed it has increased communication and connectivity in their building by 45%. The system has also increased tenant satisfaction by 60%, with 9/10 tenants stating they like this system better than the prior. These could be your results!

Easy Messaging