Three key aspects of building management are rent collection, occupancy management, and service requests. These three responsibilities can be time-consuming and stressful to manage. What adds to the complexity is the volume of tenants with competing priorities and levels of urgency.  Without automation and streamlining, the amount of management and oversight required for the successful operation of a building can become overwhelming.  


Based on our extensive research and experience, we systematically created a property management app that streamlines and automates the key features referenced above while compiling useable data for reporting and analytics.

Our instant reporting and analytics tool is designed to efficiently store data and create immediate reports for quick review. The program creates instant rent roll, a monthly stacking plan, and provides an overview of all vacancies and service requests in your building. It will significantly reduce the time you spend on entering and collecting analytics. This application also ensures that analytics are accurate and actionable through elimination of human error and granular data collection.







Rent collection, managing vacancies, and keeping logs of service updates are all crucial to keeping a building running smoothly. These tasks demand scheduling and detailed record keeping–and that’s just to carry out the tasks and collect data. When it comes time to analyze your records, even more time and energy are required.

How many hours do you spend on analytics? From aggregating your data across multiple platforms, to entering it and analyzing your results, hours are spent on data entry that could be completed in seconds with our building management software.

Our research shows…

By implementing automatic reporting and analytics, landlord and building managers have saved an average of 125 hours per year on data management. Equally important, they have access to real time data that can be utilized on-demand for decision making.  


Here Are The Highlights:

Instant Rent Roll
  • Comprehensive overview of amounts due across your buildings or properties
Instant Monthly Stacking Plan
  • See all vacancies
  • See all occupancies
  • See all upcoming leases
  • See all upcoming lease end dates
Service Request Overview
  • Detailed breakdown of all service request statistics
  • Pie charts and tables by service request category, sub-category, location, response time, cost, and completion date


How It Works…

Through the utilization of our building management app on a day to day basis, our system collects, compiles and organizes data for the users in beautifully designed graphs and tables that are available real time for analysis and decision making. Here’s a quick overview:

  1. Save time with our quick, one-hour deployment
  2. View reports on data from tenant, staff and management in your building
  3. Get quick and easy access to a report with detailed charts outlining of all occupancy and vacancy information including upcoming vacancies or ending leases
  4. View service statistics on-demand
  5. Easily sort, categorize, and share data
    1. See upcoming dates related to leases and occupancy
    2. Create charts to better visualize data
    3. Easily export and share documents
Without Property Apps Reporting & Analytics
  • Manual data entry is required as rent is collected
  • Manual data entry is required  as service requests come in and are completed
  • Manual data entry is required when leases are signed
  • Data maintenance is required when tenants decide to/not renew leases
  • Landlords must create charts and analytics from data in separate programs
  • Separate filing are required systems for three key areas of building management
  • Up to 200 hours of data entry
With Property Apps Reporting & Analytics
  • Real time reconciliation and reporting, and data collection
  • Instantly created charts and graphs from data
  • Instant overview of rent due and occupancy information
  • Three key areas of building management rolled into one platform
  • Reduce time spent on data collection by over 125 hours

We believe in pushing the envelope and challenging the status quo with innovative technological solutions. That’s why we created a powerful tool that eliminates the need to spend long hours on management tasks. Let us simplify your life by rolling key aspects of building management into one program, and giving you the tools to quickly analyze your data. The best part is, it’s agile, flexible, and can be easily integrated into your existing architecture.

You’ll wonder how you’ve been doing business without Property APP’s.  

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