Ensuring that you accurately track employee hours, managing time sheets, and calculating payroll can be a time-consuming and tedious part of property management, especially when record-keeping problems or inaccuracies come up. It’s easy to see these administrative issues as just one of the routine realities of managing a property or business, but we’ve sought to challenge that status quo.

Property Apps’ punch in/punch out tool is part of our multifaceted approach to creating smarter and more connected buildings. First, it automatically records employees’ hours using geolocation tracking upon punch in/punch out. Additionally, it tracks the hours worked by each employee and automatically calculates the payroll. This reduces time employers spend tracking hours, prevents labour leakage and frees up valuable time that can be focused on other aspects of property management.









How long does it take you to calculate your payroll every two weeks? What about making adjustments to timesheets for employees that have forgotten to punch in or out? Cross-referencing schedules and timesheets or double-checking payroll manually demands a meticulous attention to detail, and addressing discrepancies or errors can quickly eat up your time.

Our Punch In/Punch Out system provides a streamlined and automated solution to these common issues. The geolocation tracking reduces commonplace mix-ups that result from simple forgetfulness or human error. The app then creates time sheets based on hours worked, and combines this data with the pay for each employee to calculate payroll. This ensures that your payroll will be completed quickly, regularly, and accurately.


Here Are The Highlights:

Tracks Employee Hours and Geolocation
  • Employees can punch in and out via the app
    • Automatically tracks how many hours each employee works
    • Location is stamped during punch in/out
  • Employers can customize the app:
    • Employers can allow or disable employees from punching in or out if they forgot to do it at the appropriate time
    • Employers can require employees to be close to premises to punch in or out ensuring accurate timesheets
Automatically Creates Time Sheets
  • Creates entries based on when employees punch in and out
  • Administrators can add timesheet entries, view existing ones, and delete entries
    • Employers can access reports going back as far as you want
Automatically Calculates Payroll
  • Automatically calculate the amount owed to each employee for their hour sheets
    • prevents labour leakage



Setting up our Punch In/Punch Out system is a simple process, and allows you to start automatic shift-tracking and payroll administration in three simple steps.

  1. Set up and customize the app.
    1. Set the location of your building
    2. Decide on the proximity employees should be in order to to punch in/out
    3. Instruct employees on how to sign in and out of the app


  2. Track employee hours.
    1. Employees can punch in/out directly from their smartphones
    2. Their location will be tagged so you know exactly where they are when punching in


  3. Manage timesheets and payroll.
    1. Timesheets will automatically be created alongside the amount owed to each employee
    2. Administrators can add or delete timesheets to existing ones and create access reports going as far back as they please.
    3. Employers can set the pay rate for each employee to easily calculate how much each employee is owed


Without Property Apps Punch In/Out module
  • Employees manually record punch in and out times
  • Managers make manual adjustments if needed
  • Each employee’s’ payroll is calculated according to their specific hourly wage and a timesheet is manually created
  • Calculations are double checked manually before cheques are created and handed out to each employee
With Property Apps Punch In/Out module
  • Set up the location of your building
  • Set up how close employees need to be to punch in and out
  • Employees punch in and out from their smartphones, with geolocation tracking
  • Timesheets are automatically created
  • Hourly wages included to automatically calculate amounts owed from timesheets

We believe that there is always room to improve existing systems, either by finding ways to add efficiency or by creating effective new solutions. Property Apps’ Punch in/Punch out system is a tool that offers two main benefits: a simple and reliable way to track employee hours and timesheets, as well as an accurate payroll management system.


Landlords and building operators using the Property Apps punch in and punch out system have confirmed that they have significantly improved accuracy in time racking and simplified the payroll and administration side of property management. It only takes one full pay cycle to see the resulting difference in time and cost savings.


We’d love to talk to you about how we can help you save time using our punch in/punch out module and how it can be implemented in your building without interrupting your existing practices.

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