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Property Notices

Simple. Intuitive. Mobile

Discover a Better Way To Communicate With Digital Building Notices

Instant Mass Communication

If they're in the app, you can communicate with them at any moment, without having to look up contact information

Summary Receipients

See statistics of how many have been sent and how many seen

Send to who you want

Send to everyone instantly, custom groups, or individuals

Track Time Seen

See who has seen it and when, and who has not seen it.

Before and after PropertyApps

Before PropertyApps

Residents lack a clear emergency contact method with the landlord.

Residents might struggle to articulate emergency situations effectively.

The manager serves as an intermediary to communicate emergencies to maintenance staff.

Managers, maintenance workers, and residents need consistent communication for ongoing job details.

With PropertyApps

Tenants submit maintenance requests with accompanying photos for clarity.

Managers immediately review and address the requests.

Maintenance workers prioritize and provide real-time task updates.

Managers track work progress, expenses, and maintain comprehensive records, all on a single platform.


Communicate better

We have developed an efficient, effective, and eco-friendly solution with that will instantly notify tenants of building notices and is easily integratable with your existing building management architecture.

Our research shows...

Using our digital building notices tool, landlords can instantly send a message globally to all tenants or to a select groups using a variety of platforms, and receive a breakdown of who has received the message, which enables them to carry out a targeted follow-up. Not only does this feature allow you to send notifications quickly, reduce follow-up time, and contact each tenant, but it’s completely paper-free.