Property Apps has automated the document management side of Insurance Claims by implementing a centralized, secure repository that stores, organizes and recalls information for the purpose of satisfying insurance requests. The software stores and logs of all insurance claims cases, with both photo upload, update capabilities and exportable case files. We have invested in simplifying the indexing and querying process to ensure that information can be recalled on demand and as needed.







Making insurance claims, especially at a commercial level, is a very involved and detailed process. A large part of this can be attributed to evidence gathering, communication, and paperwork. Landlords have expressed frustration with the administration and wasted time as major concerns and often reconsider making claims. We looked at this situation and thought, something needs to change: the right real estate management software could make this process more efficient and less stressful.


How Our Real Estate Management Software’s Insurance Claim Module Simplifies Your Life

The Property Apps insurance claims module regulates and accelerates the insurance claims process, reducing the overall time spent managing logistics. Once a case file has been created, all relevant information, documents, photos, and notes are logged. These documents can be updated to ensure all your documentation and records pertaining to a specific incident are stored in one secure and accessible case file. Best of all, with our simple query tool, accessing previously archived files becomes effortless.


Our research shows…

Our research shows that by leveraging Property Apps, Landlords were able to increase probability of successful claims by 25% simply through consolidation and simplified queries as required by adjusters.



  • Log insurance claim cases with photo and file upload capabilities
  • Update initial reports on an ongoing basis
  • Appropriate parties are updated
  • Easily access archived events through our specialized event searching algorithm
  • Insurance claims database to store previous events


How It Works…

Landlord Experience Without Property Apps Insurance Claims Module

  • Create a folder for specific incident
  • Log details of incident
  • Take photos
  • Gather required documentation
  • Fill out appropriate reports
  • Contact insurance provider
  • Manually updates incident folder with appropriate notes, photos, and files
  • Manually send folder to appropriate parties

Landlord Experience With Property Apps Insurance Claims Module

  • Log details of a situation with notes, photos, and files upload capabilities
  • Contact insurance provider
  • Update event with files, notes, and images, as required after initial report

Every module on Property Apps was meticulously designed for the purpose of time and cost savings as well as improvement in tenant and landlord experience. All modules can be implemented as stand alone utilities over web and native app platforms OR integrated into your existing architecture.

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