Property Apps has developed an intuitively simple INCIDENT REPORTING module designed to streamline and automate incidence reporting by logging and updating information real time (text, photo, etc.) while offering the ability to selectively share information to stakeholders using push notifications.







Incidents can be unfortunately common occurrences in multi-tenant properties. Addressing them requires communication (tenant/staff/authority), proper documentation and filing. The Property Apps incident report feature allows streamlined communication. This building management software offers reporting, commenting, photo/document upload and most importantly, real-time access for all stakeholders.


Incident reports are time sensitive. What if your Sunday was interrupted with a tenant-reported robbery? Without technology, this involves rushing to the building, contacting the authorities, filing an incident report, and updating all parties involved. There are countless steps required including phone calls and documentation required. What if this process could be streamlined?


The incident report module of our building management software consolidates incident reporting and management into a single, auditable, real-time workflow. Once the incident has been reviewed, you will simply log relevant information, photos, comments, and the incident’s status. The incident reports feature allows you to add photos, notes, or comments in the initial report with ease, which eliminates the need for multiple repetitive conversations.


Our research shows…

That implementing electronic Incident Reporting into building operations has reduced reporting/communication time by over 50% by reducing duplication and manual querying/filing and recall.    


Here Are The Highlights:

  • Log an incident with documents and uploaded photos
  • Update initial report with notes
  • Share searchable information by offering access to key personnel and tenants involved
  • Access archived incident reports with search tool  


How It Works…

Tenant Experience Without Property Apps Incident Reports
  • Contact landlord
  • Landlord reviews the issue in person
  • Fill out contact information
  • Contact landlord to Check-in for updates
Tenant Experience With Property Apps Incident Reports
  • Incident reporting
  • Monitor updates via login or push notifications in app

Landlord Experience Without Property Apps Incident Reports

  • Review incident
  • Fill out paper report forms
  • File report
  • Schedule work order or appropriate action
  • Notify all appropriate tenants that workers order is scheduled or action has been taken
  • Stay in continuous contact to get an update on incident status

Landlord Experience With Property Apps Incident Reports

  • Review incident
  • Update file with text and images
  • Search archives for previous reports

Every module on Property Apps was meticulously designed for the purpose of time and cost savings as well as improvement in tenant and landlord experience. All modules can be implemented as stand alone utilities over web and native app platforms OR integrated into your existing architecture.  

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