Property Apps has designed a Front Desk Request module that structures and automates the workflow of tenant and front desk interactions to eliminate multiple touch-points while better managing expectations through expedient, transparent communication. The module is equipped with state of the art uploading, archival and push notification features that have been proven to enhance the experience of both the service provider and the tenant.







When it comes to rental property management, front desk management should be one of the first priorities when digitizing a building’s operations. The front desk is both the gateway and a busy tenant interface with the building operator. With so many tenants having so many different types of needs, good customer service depends on having the right process, standards, and systems in place.

Our front desk request module systematically organizes and standardizes requests. It equips tenants with note and photo uploading capabilities, messaging, and real-time status monitoring.

Through our research, we have discovered that Landlords are extremely frustrated with traditional management of front desk requests, and the majority stated that they would invest in a digitized workflow to help their rental property management run more smoothly.

The key benefits to implementing a modern solution like Property Apps include:

  • Reducing total correspondence time/touch points
  • Ensuring an increasingly efficient, transparent solution
  • Operational performance benchmarking


Our research shows…

Our research shows that both tenant and Landlords have found that front desk requests are a major source of frustration and inefficiency for everyone involved. In our proof of concept, Landlords who adopted this module reported reducing complaints related to these requests by over 80%



  • Residents make requests to the front desk through the app, with photo upload capabilities
  • Instant notifications are sent to respective parties
  • Building staff and tenant can communicate in real time


How It Works…

Tenant Experience Without Property Apps Front Desk Request Module

  • Tenant contacts the front desk
  • Tenant places request with the front desk
  • Tenant awaits response
  • Commutes back and forth from their unit to the front desk for communication purposes

Tenant Experience With Property Apps Front Desk Request Module

  • Make front desk request with photo upload capabilities
  • Tenant is notified upon response is received from the front desk


Landlord Experience Without Property Apps Front Desk Request Module

  • Receive tenant’s request
  • Record tenant’s request
  • Inquire regarding tenant’s request
  • Notify tenant about the status of their request
  • Perform request
  • Contact tenants to update on request status

Landlord Experience With Property Apps Front Desk Request Module

  • Monitor requests through instant notifications
  • Respond to request with photo upload capabilities

Every module on Property Apps was meticulously designed for the purpose of time and cost savings as well as improvement in tenant and landlord experience. All modules can be implemented as stand alone utilities over web and native app platforms OR integrated into your existing architecture.

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