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Collect Rent on time

Simple. Intuitive. Mobile

Fee Collection – Collect rent on Time with less efforts

Credit Cards & Direct Debit

Collect payments by credit card and direct debit

Receipts Generated Automatically

Receipts are automatically generated and sent to all parties, each time a payment is made

Track Cash & Cheque Payments

For the people that pay by cash or cheque can be entered manually, so that everything is accounted for

Summary of all Outstanding

At-a-glance view of total overdue, amount due from each person, and number of days overdue

Instant Notifications upon payment

Get notified by push notification or email the instant someone pays

Automated Collection & Tracking from Everyone

Send a link by email or SMS to everyone, directly from your phone in 2 taps, so that your employees don't need to collect

Before and after PropertyApps

Before PropertyApps

Residents might forgot to pay fees on time.

Residents can only make the payment in office hours.

The manager have to manually check who paid and whose residents fees are overdue.

Managers, have to keep track of all cash payments and cheques. Managers have to visit bank to submit cash and checques  

With PropertyApps

Residents receive notification about due payments.

Residents can pay fees anytime online.

Managers can send payment link to all residents by one click.

Managers can track fee overdue, expenses, and maintain comprehensive records, all on a single platform.


One rent cycle. That’s all it takes.

Our landlords and building operators have confirmed that thanks to our online rent collection module, they have drastically reduced time spent on rent collection, improved productivity and most importantly significantly increased landlord-tenant relationships. We believe that these tools, rolled out correctly, can be seamlessly retrofitted into your model. We’d love to talk to you about how we can onboard your building quickly, efficiently and without disturbing any of you existing processes or systems.