Can we get a free trial?

Yes. We offer a free 14 day trial. Click here to get started.

How do I introduce the App to residents?

Simple! We will supply you with notices that can be put up in high-traffic areas of the building as well as flyers that can be printed and distributed to residents. Once the App has been introduced, it is important to encourage residents to use it for their communication and maintenance needs until it eventually becomes a habit!

How do residents and managers get registered on the App?

All residents and mangers will be sent an email inviting them to join the App, which will contain a link that will allow them to download it onto their device of choice. A list of residents and managers, with their contact information, can be easily imported from an excel sheet directly into the App! Once your initial set up is complete, the App administrator(s) will be able to easily send invites by email or text message to new residents and managers.

What about residents who don't have a smart phone?

While a lot of people do use smartphones these days, those who don’t can access the App through the web from any computer. While there may be some people that have neither a smart phone nor a computer, we believe that the amount of people who are unable to access the App will be minimal.

What if a resident sublets their apartment?

If management wants to be able to communicate with all building residents, a new login can be created for the new resident(s).

Can rent or other payments be made through the APP?

Yes you can! The App supports EFT/ACH payments as well as debit or credit card payments.

Can residents communicate with each other using the App?

It’s up to you! This is an option that can be enabled or disabled according to the landlord’s needs.

Is the App available in other languages?

It is currently in English, French, and Spanish. If there is a language that your business would require, our advanced translation technology will allow us to get a new language integrated by the time you’re onboarded, so please notify your account manager if you have a specific language requirement.

Will our information be kept confidential and secure?

We understand the importance of keeping your company information secure. We use the proper standards for security, including SSL encryption.

Can this App integrate with our current technology?

Any database can be made to communicate with any other database, however some customization and integration may be required. Provided we know and see what you are using, we do our best to accommodate the needs of our clients.

Can we add more features or modules later?

Absolutely! If we have the module/feature in our portfolio, it can be added to your building(s) when needed. Please give us a call to discuss any details.

How much does it cost?

Please give us a call or check our pricing table.

Will the App affect our current servers or Internet speed?

Not at all! The App and all of the associated data is stored on Amazon’s elastic servers. This means that not only does take up no space on your server, it also allows you to easily expand your data to accommodate as many users as you require.

What if we don't like it App after trying it?

No problem! You can start by using our 14-day free trial version before you commit. We also offer a monthly plan that allows you to cancel at anytime with no long-term commitment.

How do we get started?

Give us a call at 514-375-5229 and one of our account managers will walk you through the registration process.