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Access Your Files

Any Time, Anywhere

Simple. Intuitive. Mobile

Store and Manage your documents from Anywhere

Store Building Document

Code of Conduct, Rules and Regulations, or any other generic documentation you want your residents to have access to

Manage Your Documents

Manage the access and availability of the documents

Attach Documents to People

Leases, ID Cards, and any other resident-specific documents can be stored and attached to profiles for easy searching at any time

Share Documents

Share folders with other people instantly so that they don't need to go looking for them

Create Custom Folders

Create unlimited folders and name them how you wish

Restrict Folder Access

Make folders visible to only Administrators, employees only, or anyone

Before and after PropertyApps

Before PropertyApps

Create or download files as needed

Save on your computer (no access if not at a computer)

Add files to the Drive or storage system for backup

Compose an email with files attached

With PropertyApps

Add file to document storage

Update sharing and privacy permissions

Automatically store files and folders by unit and property.

Search based on document type and group by years or month


Solve sorting and categorizing

All document storage systems can store your records. What sets leading applications apart from the pack are features that were built with the idea that files are stored for a reason: so you can find them and use them when you need them, whether it be for a routine record keeping task or a sudden emergency when a specific document is needed. These features add value by making it easy for you to not only securely store your documents but let you quickly add, access, and share documents.

Our integrated document storage tool is a cloud-based repository that provides you with complete access to all of your files and documents and creates them with convenient associations across the various modules. It offers storage room for any folders or documents you may need to have on hand, including tenant leases, employee contracts, and all other relevant documentation. Our tool also allows for file sharing with no slowdown speed, no matter the file size.