All document storage systems can store your records. What sets leading applications apart from the pack are features that were built with the idea that files are stored for a reason: so you can find them and use them when you need them, whether it be for a routine recordkeeping task or a sudden emergency when a specific document is needed. These features add value by making it easy for you to not only securely store your documents but let you quickly add, access, and share documents.

Our integrated document storage tool is a cloud-based repository that provides you with complete access to all of your files and documents and creates them with convenient associations across the various modules.   It offers storage room for any folders or documents you may need to have on hand, including tenant leases, employee contracts, and all other relevant documentation. Our tool also allows for file sharing with no slowdown speed, no matter the file size.









Imagine that an employee calls you while you’re in a meeting, with an emergency: they need access to a certain service worker’s contract immediately. If your documents are stored in hard copy, on your work computer, or if you store documents in a variety of accounts or platforms, locating the required document without noticeable interruption could be very difficult.

The document storage module on our PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE has been designed to create multiple touch point access across various modules allowing for quick access with low search overhead.  This means, finding what you need intuitively, with very few steps.   This means having the capability to upload, store, and organize all of your files in one central repository. This module is also equipped with sharing functionality which allows you to share documents as required through text, email, etc.


Here Are The Highlights:

Store Tenant Leases and Documents
  • Upload tenant leases and assign them to contacts
  • Store folders and files of any size
  • Upload any file type
Access From Anywhere, Anytime
  • The cloud-based system ensures privacy and immediate access
  • Access from a mobile phone, laptop, Ipad, desktop, and other devices
Control Folder Permissions
  • No slowdown speed when sharing documents
  • Folder privacy allow you to choose who has access


How It Works…

This module, along with the entire Property Management App can be integrated into your existing workflow in under an hour.

    1. Once it’s set up, you will be able to…
      • Create as many folders as you need
      • Upload files,
      • Delete, order, or rename documents as needed


  1. Use the cloud-based platform to share any document, folder, or file with other individuals
  2. Choose one of the diverse privacy settings for your file; individual, with management, or with the entire building
  3. Access your documents at anytime, no matter where you may be
  4. Work with important files with the peace of mind that no matter how big the file is, there will be no slowdown time

Consider the efficiencies that can be achieved through the streamlining and centralization of document management.  Here’s how we see it:

Without Property Apps Document Storage
  • Create or download files as needed
  • Save on your computer (no access if not at computer)
  • Add files to Drive or storage system for backup
  • Compose an email with files attached
  • Compress files
With Property Apps Document Storage
  • Add file to document storage
  • Update sharing and privacy permissions

We know how important it is to have your information accessible real time, all the time.  That’s why we’ve devised a system that lets you upload, organize, and share important files in a smart, intuitive way.  One immediate advantage reported by users is the acceleration of information dissemination internally.

You’ll wonder how you’ve been doing business without Property Apps.  

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