Why Convert to Digital Maintenance Requests?

Why Convert to Digital Maintenance Requests?

When you manage a property, maintenance issues may be inevitable. However, when you have digital maintenance requests, the project does not have to be stressful.

Digital maintenance requests can:

  • Improve organization
  • Increase coordination
  • Streamline communication
  • Decrease job time

Our digital maintenance request service is the latest real estate innovation to provide an efficient and simplistic process for your business, while simultaneously increasing customer perception and satisfaction.

Stay Organized

Like most online tools, a huge benefit of using digital maintenance requests is the organization that comes along with it.

This tool will provide you with a storage space for all documents, materials, photos, receipts, quotes, and time and money spent.

Stay organized with features including:

  • A display of data related to each job with comprehensive display/organization options including by floor, building, and more.
  • Automatic updates each time there is a new maintenance request
  • A clear comprehensive overview of all currently open jobs
  • An automatic paper trail will come in handy daily, and again when it becomes time to balance your books

Digital maintenance request creation and tracking is a sure way to keep your building maintenance organized and accessible.

Increase Staff Efficiency

Careful coordination is arguably the most important yet incredibly time-consuming factor with regards to maintenance work.

It often includes:

  • Processing the initial request
  • Viewing the issue
  • Getting quote
  • Placing order
  • Doing the job
  • Organizing all the paperwork and receipts

Instead of having you and your staff spend time making this coordination possible with every request that comes in, our digital maintenance request feature:

  • Keeps all involved members in the loop with notifications and emails
  • Has the added possibility of attaching before and after photos of each job

With this powerful application, you and your staff will not only have peace of mind, but the time to focus on improving other areas of your business.

Find the Lowest Job Costs

With a maintenance request platform that allows you to view and attach quotes to each job, it becomes incredibly simple for managers to ensure they are getting the best price for the job at hand.

Our digital maintenance request tool allows for each separate job to have:

  • Customized notes
  • Materials list
  • Quotes

This creates an easily comparable system to ensure you are getting the most timely and cost-effective option.

Instantaneous Creation

A major benefit of digital maintenance request creation is that any request can be created by tenants or employees and is sent to management, instantly. This:

  • Removes any possibility of missing requests or receiving them late
  • Provides a dedicated and uncluttered channel of communication regarding maintenance issues
  • Increasing the perception of your availability and dedication to each of your building’s residents

Say goodbye to laggy requests and disgruntled tenants, and enjoy the next generation of maintenance request creation and tracking.


Forget shuffling through paper requests, quotes, receipts, and more. Digital maintenance request creation will automatically ensure all of your maintenance work is coordinated.

It provides:

  • Email and push notifications
  • Daily reminders of all open jobs

Our service request feature will allow management and employees to know exactly what jobs need to be finished that day. It also enables them to assign priority each job, without any hassle or waste of time.

Receive Quality Information

The use of digital maintenance requests will allow your tenant to create an initial request through the device they are already using. Rather than wait to fill out paperwork, your tenant can:

  • Fill out a request from anywhere
  • Include notes and pictures

Employees will also be able to: attach photos and further notes throughout the job process, keeping you in the loop with regards to the progression of the job.

  • Attach photos and further notes throughout the job process
  • Keep you in the loop with regards to the progression of the job

All of this provides you with quality information and details instead of rushed accounts of a maintenance issue.

The days of sporadic information on maintenance jobs are over, and quality, with our digital maintenance request creations and tracking platform.

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