Business is based on communication, don’t let it be your weakness.

With a vast array of devices and platforms available, we have many ways of remaining connected, but it is easy for communication to become overwhelming. Often we bounce between phone calls, emails, and text messaging,  juggling multiple forms of communication and contact profiles. Conversations that stretch across multiple platforms can make organization and record-keeping difficult.

Many people bounce between phone calls, emails, and text messaging. Others juggling multiple forms of communication and contact profiles during a single conversation. Conversations that stretch across multiple platforms can make organization and record-keeping difficult. This reality can make building management a challenge: it’s easy to miss or lose critical information. 

That’s why a single platform and file storage application can make it much easier to manage the communications and documents related to each tenant.

Our Contact Lists & Groups tool is designed to help landlords create and organize comprehensive tenant profiles. It allows you to store contact information and provides the option to organize tenants individually or in groups. In addition to this, it allows you to upload leases and similar files to clients’ profiles. It is a well-rounded system that saves you from scrolling through your phone for contacts and hunting through filing cabinets for lease documents.









The failure to maintain updated contact information, or sending an email when a text message was expected, can lead to further complications. These can range from small issues such as a slight delay in forwarding a lease, to more significant ones, like tenants not being adequately notified about maintenance or inspections. While some lapses in communication are more serious than others, even small issues can pile up and contribute to tension between landlords and tenants.

Our research shows…

With your tenants integrated into our Contact List & Groups tool, managers have reduced communication time by 80% and unanimously agree that their processes have been improved significantly.


Here Are The Highlights:

Tenant Contact Information
  • Instant access to tenant contact information
  • Tenant lists
  • Unit tracking
Lease Storage & Accessibility
  • Tenant lease storage
  • Tenant lease summary
  • Upload any files to tenant profiles
Custom Groups
  • Organize tenants by groups (by unit, floor, etc)
  • Manager lists
  • Suppliers/vendors list with easy searching and contact information


How It Works…

Property Apps makes it easy to add contact lists and groups into your day-to-day workflow in under an hour. Once in use, our dynamic platform will allow you to…

  1. Access contact information of any tenant or staff
  2. Access and update your contacts from anywhere and on any device (smartphone, desktop, laptop, tablet, etc.)
  3. Upload and view documents or leases associated with each staff member or tenant
  4. Message any manager or tenant or send a message to a group of tenants
Without Property Apps Contact Lists & Groups
  • Contacts are created manually on phone or email
  • Messages are sent using both text messages and email
    • Tracking and upkeep on both platforms to see how and when messages are answered
    • Comparison or merging of conversations on different platforms
  • Lease or documents pulled up via computer files or drive, which are less accessible
With Property Apps Contact Lists & Groups
  • Contact is created for each tenant
  • Lease agreement is uploaded
  • Messages composed and sent instantly
  • Reduces manual entries and communication time by 80%
  • Allows users to pull information from existing contact lists

It is our goal to find technological solutions that simplify all aspects of property management, including making and maintaining relationships, facilitating communication, and simplifying administrative tasks. Our Contact Lists & Groups tool accomplishes all three.


Landlords who have tried our tool have achieved significant results in terms of keeping contacts organized, channels of communications open, and maintaining up-to-date records on each tenant.  This enables them to ensure that tenants are kept informed about any developments or issues that arise, and that all contact information and documents are accessible and current.


Once you’ve tried our Contact List tools, you’ll wonder how you’ve

been doing business without Property Apps.