Property Apps has developed an inspection module for Landlords that structures, streamlines and automates the inspection process for move ins, move outs, floor and building inspections. The modules is equipped with a repository, customizable checklists and both landlord/tenant views to facilitate a transparent process between all stakeholders.







Any building or rental property inspection (move in/out, floor, complete building) requires a lot of coordination. We’ve developed a module specifically designed to streamline the process by leveraging a central repository for the purpose of eliminating duplication, substantially reducing data entry and efficiently recalling information for the purpose of reference or comparison.

The Unit/Floor/Building inspection module facilitates all aspects of rental property inspection. It offers flexible custom checklists with photo and note upload capabilities, a dynamic tracking system to outline wear and tear over time, and real-time reporting.

The inspection process is fairly involved and can result in substantial challenge and time burden for property managers. Specifically:

  • Logistics management
  • Scheduling conflicts
  • File documentation
  • Inspection checklist creation
  • Reviewing and recording relevant notes, photos, and documents
  • Disputing tenants

Landlords have reported investing three or four times the hours they feel is reasonable in managing these tasks. With Property Apps, the rental property inspection process is simplified and consolidated into a single, replicable and scalable workflow.


Our research shows…

Our research shows that Landlords who have digitized the inspection process have reported drastic reduction in disputes, 25% increase in speed of completion and 25% savings in administration costs related to queries, filing and documentation recovery.



  • Create custom checklists for each inspection mandate, specifying units or floors where applicable
  • Inspector checks items off the list as they are completed
  • Each inspection is logged, with note and photo upload capabilities
  • Condition can be noted to track wear and tear over time


How It Works…

Tenant Experience Without Property Apps Inspections Module

  • Note any existing issues in your unit beforehand
  • Contact the front desk for a room inspection
  • Discuss any existing issues
  • Schedule tentative inspection time
  • Confirm with front desk

Tenant Experience With Property Apps Inspections Module

  • Request room inspection
  • Receive notification confirming inspection and time

Landlord Experience Without Property Apps Inspections Module

  • Create a file for each inspection to be performed
  • Consult with front desk to find out which tenants require move-out inspections
  • Create a separate checklist for each inspection
  • Link checklists to each inspection file
  • Print out/email checklist for inspector
  • Inspector takes manual notes
  • File documentation

Landlord Experience With Property Apps Inspections Module

  • List inspections to be performed, including unit or floor numbers where applicable
  • Create a checklist for each separate inspection
  • Inspector performs inspection, checking item off the list as performed, with notes and photos upload capabilities

Every module on Property Apps was meticulously designed for the purpose of time and cost savings as well as improvement in tenant and landlord experience. All modules can be implemented as stand alone utilities over web and native app platforms OR integrated into your existing architecture.

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