Discover a Better Way To Communicate With Digital Building Notices

As a business owner and landlord, being able to reach tenants efficiently and quickly is critical to efficient operations and a key part of building management. Sending out building notices the conventional way has many pitfalls:

  •  Time spent creating and printing the notices
  • Distribution of notices
  • Confirmation of receipt
  • Paper wastage

Our digital building notification module was built as an extension of our highly effective messaging system. It creates an effective notification process between landlords and their tenants, reduces the time spent communicating building notices by automating the process. Through our building management app, it instantly sends notifications to tenants wherever they may be. With multiple tracking notification options, it’s easy to determine who saw your message. No more printing, photocopying and door to door distribution!







Relying on paper-based tenant bulletins is inefficient, ineffective, and stressful. It’s hard to know who has seen the notices–especially if your tenants are also on the go and may not be in the building when the notice is posted. Having your building management staff manually follow up with each tenant to make sure they’re aware of an important notice can be tedious (and expensive) for landlords, and irritating for tenants.

We have developed an efficient, effective, and eco-friendly solution with that will instantly notify tenants of building notices and is easily integratable with your existing building management architecture.


Using our digital building notices tool, landlords can instantly send a message globally to all tenants or to a select groups using a variety of platforms, and receive a breakdown of who has received the message, which enables them to carry out a targeted follow-up. Not only does this feature allow you to send notifications quickly, reduce follow-up time, and contact each tenant, but it’s completely paper-free.

Our research shows…

Within one year of integrating this system, landlords and building managers can save approximately 48 hours per year and almost $1000 on printing and distributing building notices alone. According to our studies, this leads to a 60% increase in tenant satisfaction, with 8/10 of tenants stating that this system is more reliable than the previous paper notices.



Instantly Notify Tenants
  • Instantly send building notices to the entire building, certain groups of people (certain floors, certain side), or individuals
  • Include a subject, description, attachments and photos
  • Optionally require each recipient to tap/click to acknowledge the notice
  • Send by SMS, email, push notification, or text-to-speech phone calls
Read Receipts
  • Track how many people the notice was sent out to, including which are managers and tenants
  • Track who has seen it and when
  • Track who was sent a push notification, an email, SMS, or an in-app notification
  • Receive a push notification and/or email each time someone sees it
  • Receive a push notification and/or email each time someone acknowledges it
Go Green
  • Save over 2500 sheets of paper every year by converting to digital building notices per (90 tenants)


How It Works…

Our simple installation process takes only one hour, and the app can be integrated into the building’s existing workflow and technology.  Landlords will be able to offer a white labeled, downloadable App to tenants and staff. They will be able to:

    1. Instantly send building notices to the entire building via:
      • Push notification
      • SMS
      • Email
      • Text-to-speech phone calls


    1. Create custom groups to receive notices such as certain floors, individuals in one area of the building (for example, residents in south-facing apartments) or selected individuals
      • Attach photos and a description to the notice


    1.  Track all sent building notices
      • Get an instant overview of how many people have seen it immediately after sending it
      • Get a comprehensive breakdown of who has seen it, when, and who has not


  1.   Activate delivery receipts providing you with optional notifications each time a tenant sees the notices
Without Property Apps Building Notices
  • Draft building notice
  • Print and make copies of each notice
  • Manually post notice on various areas throughout your building
  • Manually post notice to each tenant’s room
  • Tenants must be in the building to see the notice
  • Follow up with each tenant to determine if they have seen the notification
  • Manual data entry as rent is collected 
  • Up to 2-4 hours of work per notice
With Property Apps Building Notices
  • Compose a Building Notice, including Subject, Content with optional photos and attachments
  • Send to everyone, your custom groups, or individuals
  • Tenants receive your digital building notice wherever they are (travelling, working late, etc).
  • Instantly receive an overview of how many people have seen it
  • Enable notifications for each time a new person sees it

This app provides the capabilities of eliminating the overhead and inconvenience of paper based communication.  It takes the uncertainty and follow-up issues out of building notices. Tenants don’t have to worry about checking a message board or missing a notice while they’re on the go and landlords ensure everyone in the building or relevant area has been updated.


Send one building notice through our unified communication system.  The results will be clear and the efficiencies evident. Call us or email us below to discuss how we can add value to your building management processes.