Property Apps has developed a reservation module built to automate requests and scheduling for building amenities. The administrative burden associated with the management of scheduling, waitlisting and tenant communications is labour intensive and inadvertently expensive to staff. With this implementation, buildings will have a customized system that automatically calendarises, waitlists and communicates with related parties through push notifications.

Administering and managing amenity reservation requests requires significant coordination. What if there was a way to streamline this process? Imagine a tenant attempting to book a common room for their child’s birthday party. Without automated tenant management software, this procedure requires different forms of communication, multiple touch points, and manual scheduling. The process is time-consuming and leaves opportunity for human errors.


Our module automates amenity booking, waitlisting, and approvals. Once amenities have been registered, the system automatically generates a calendar of each amenity’s availability, instantly enabling residents to create their desired requests. Parties will be notified of requests or approvals, with a simplified acceptance process. This tenant management software eliminates the burden of extensive correspondence and the need to manually monitor all incoming requests. To account for the fact that plans can change, self-managing waitlists are provided for each amenity. This eliminates any confusion during attempts to contact tenants on standby for a specified amenity.


Our research shows…

Our research shows that through automation, 35% more tenant requests were accommodated and more tenants utilized amenities through perceived accessibility.



  • Register amenities with description and photo upload capabilities
  • Customize each amenity’s availability, including the ability to restrict specified time slots
  • Automate or manually approve booking
  • Automated and manual bookings have self-managing waitlists
  • Push and in-app notifications when an amenity is requested or approved


How It Works…

Tenant Experience Without Property Apps Amenity Reservation Module

  • Call front desk and inquire about amenity reservation (requires multiple touch points)
  • Review availability schedule
  • Fill out respective paperwork
  • Return paperwork to the front desk
  • Receive notification of approval

Tenant Experience With Property Apps Amenity Reservation Module

  • Tenant requests an amenity using Property Apps’ tenant management software module for amenity reservation
  • All available slots are displayed
  • Tenant is instantly notified of approval


Landlord Experience Without Property Apps Amenity Reservation Module

  • Brief management on process and available amenities for bookings
  • Review booking requests from the front desk
  • Review tenants’ paperwork
  • Approve request
  • Manually record the booking into corresponding amenity’s calendar
  • Return paperwork
  • Notify the front desk on approvals
  • Front desk notifies appropriate tenants (requires multiple touch points)
  • Manually create waitlists
  • If in the event of a cancellation, contact the first tenant on the waitlist

Landlord Experience With Property Apps Amenity Reservation Module

  • Register amenities with optional photos upload, descriptions, and custom availability capabilities
  • Choose to have streamlined or manual booking approvals
  • Monitor new booking requests via push and in-app notifications


Every module on Property Apps was meticulously designed for the purpose of time and cost savings as well as improvement in tenant and landlord experience. All modules can be implemented as stand alone utilities over web and native app platforms OR integrated into your existing architecture.

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