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Amenity Reservations

Simple. Intuitive. Mobile

Amenity reservation made easier than ever before.

Manage Availabilities

Allows property managers to define different types of amenity units tailored to specific amenities or services offered.

Automated Approvals

Saves time for both residents and property management by automating the approval process


Helps property managers allocate resources effectively based on demand, preventing overuse or underutilization.

Before and after PropertyApps

Before PropertyApps

Brief management on process and available amenities for bookings

Review booking requests from the front desk, Approve request

Manually record the booking into the corresponding amenity’s calendar

Notify the front desk on approvals

The front desk notifies appropriate tenants (requires multiple touch points)

If in the event of a cancellation, contact the first resident on the waitlist

With PropertyApps

Register amenities with optional photo upload, descriptions, and custom availability capabilities

Choose to have streamlined or manual booking approvals

Monitor new booking requests via push and in-app notifications

Resident requests an amenity using the app

The resident is instantly notified of the approval



Amenity reservations made easier than ever before.

Our module automates amenity booking, waitlisting, and approvals. Once amenities have been registered, the system automatically generates a calendar of each amenity’s availability, instantly enabling residents to create their desired requests. Parties will be notified of requests or approvals, with a simplified acceptance process. PropertyApps eliminates the burden of extensive correspondence and the need to manually monitor all incoming requests. To account for the fact that plans can change, self-managing waitlists are provided for each amenity. This eliminates any confusion during attempts to contact residents on standby for a specified amenity.