Over the past decade, technology has continued to restructure countless industries, bringing efficiencies and process improvements across the board. Unlike other sectors however, real estate has long neglected to embrace large-scale technological permeation. Only now has the industry begun to undergo mass transformation by digitization, causing a significant reorganization of critical property management functions. Those who adapt to the tectonic shift in the real estate industry stand to prosper, those who don’t will disappear.


Introducing Property Apps, the world’s most advanced cloud-based property management toolbox. Our apps have been developed with the knowledge gained from over ten years of experience owning and managing properties. Each feature is designed to solve the biggest day-to-day problems that both landlords and property managers experience, particularly with regards to the management of tenants and employees. Property Apps differs from (but works in conjunction with) back-end management and accounting softwares that don’t involve handling of employees and communication with tenants.



We’ve identified the key “time wasters” and by solving them, we’ve found that a property manager who can normally manage about 150 units on their own, could easily handle over 700 units with the app, while providing a better and more personal experience for their tenants. An added bonus for landlords who have someone managing their properties for them, is that they can stay completely in the loop about what is going on with their properties, without even having to ask!


The Future of Real Estate

Much like airports have gotten us work for them every time we check into a kiosk, tenants can “work for” the property too, with the help of our apps. The result? A reduction in overhead, savings in employee time and company money loss, and making tenants feel happier, more empowered, and better served.” It should be above This is the future real estate, don’t get left behind.



This is the future real estate, don’t get left behind.